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I am not trying to scare you but my daughter wet the bed until she was 8 and then she stoped.But when she turned 14 she started wetting the bed again and said she needed diapers for sleepovers.So i went out and bought her goodnites thinking she would grow out of it again but i made an appointment just in case.They found nothing wrong with her but after i noticed there were more diapers being used than one a night and also that she would put them on way before bed time and would hestitate to take them off in the morning.I got very suspicous and when i noticed her wearing one under her skirt one day which happened to be soaking wet i made her take it off and explain why she was wearing it.She told me she liked wearing and wetting the diapers and demanded to wear them all the time and she even asked for real diapers like pampers.and when i said no to her she stood up right there in the kitchen and pooped her pants. Ever since then she has been sneaking diapers into the house and using them all the time.She wears them to school, home,even on vacations.We went to mexico and late at night when everyone was sleeping she snuck out of her room wearing a bathing suite top and a diaper and walked around the resort like she wanted people to se her in them.Its a living hell so watch out.