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YES, ABSOLUTELY! In 1995 I took my daughter (who was 8 at the time) to the pediatrician in hopes that he would prescribe medication that would "cure" her cronic bedwetting. Not only was I tired of changing wet sheets each morning but my daughter was embarrassed and would not have sleep overs or spend the night away from home because of this problem. To my suprise my pediatrician handed me an article entiteled Wetting Problems and an order form from StarChild/Labs for the SleepDry (bed-wetting alarm device). We began the program immediately and in less than one week my daughter was waking up on her own and not wetting the bed. We used the device for a total of 30 days and never looked back. Now, 8 years later, I find myself searching through storage boxes so that I can share this wonderful device with a friend and her 10 year old son! To my amazement, the 8 year old SleepDry Device still works!! I paid $49.00 in 1995 for this device. Today it can be purchased from for $ investment well worth it!