Reply from Tino, Age 17 - 6/14/03 - IP#:   tbb-c905

If you still wet the bed, just talk to your parents and have them talk to your doctor. If whatever your doctor does still doesn't help, ask your parents to buy you some goodnights or sleep drys. And if you friends make fun of you for wearing protective underwear to bed they arn't really your friends. I know how embarrassing it can because I still wet the bed, you would probably figure this out if you read my response to Brittneys posting on 4/25/03. Also, when I went to a sleepover with my two little best friends, whose ages I won't disclose, they saw my training pants, I thought they were going to make fun of me and tell all their friends at school and church, but the next time I saw my friends and their friends, everything was fine. The point I was trying to make is that just because your friends make fun of other people doesn't mean they'll make fun of you.