From Lyn, Age 39
Stopped at age 8

At age 8, I decided that I was too old to be wetting the bed at night and became determined to stop. So I start saying to myself "I am not going to wet the bed, I am going to wake up before I wet the bed". I tried to convince myself for several nights. Then one night I had a dream that I was connected to this machine with lots of hoses that were attached to the ceiling of this room. I knew that if I urinated the urine would run through these see-through hoses or tubes. And that if the urine came out of the last hose and spilled onto the floor of the room then I would be in the process of wetting the bed. As I watched the hoses I could see the yellow "pee" start to run along these hoses from the machine up to the ceiling and through all of the hoses attached to the ceiling. Then just before the "pee" got to the last hose, I started telling myself to wake up. And I woke up, realized that my dream was telling me to go to the bathroom, and I went to the bathroom. That was my first dry night.

From Tom, Age 48
Stopped at age 17

the times i wet at night gradually got less and less at night until I finally stopped! I think with me it was that my system was not mature enough to recognise that I needed to wake up and go to the bathroom! since then I have been able to sleep through the night and then get up and go to the bathroom in the morning!

From courtney, Age 15
Stopped at age 15

i took medicine from the doctor then i stopped and used an alarm and wet to the bathroom before bed time and stop drinking anything after dinner

From Erin, Age 34
Stopped at age 13

My abusive father moved out of our home.

From bill, Age 58
Stopped at age

Iam 58 adult I still wet the bed at night time it has been go on as I was a kid how and what ? can I do to stop it for every ??

From Thomas, Age 35
Stopped at age 6

my body reduces the waterflow during night - i believe otherwise i would not have become nighttime-dry at all

From Vincent, Age 12
Stopped at age 11

I guess I got to embarrased in front of my parents so I kept going to bed telling myself not to wet the bed.

From Rick, Age 45
Stopped at age 21

I got to old. My last night of wetting was my wedding night.

From Stephen, Age 52
Stopped at age 12

I never really stopped; I just learned to wake up faster. Once I was awake I could stop the flow but not before I had wet a little bit. By age twelve I was able to switch from a night diaper to a small towel or wash cloth in my shorts and plastic pants. That was normally enough to keep me and my bed dry.

From steph, Age adult
Stopped at age 14
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From taylor, Age 14
Stopped at age 13

i used to go to the bathroom before i went to bed and i do now, i used to try not to drink anything before i went to bed and i dont now either, the only thing i did different is i used to stay in bed all night and not get up because all the lights in the hallways were off and now i keep one on so i can see the bathroom door, and also i put my blankets in the dryer for an hour before i go to bed because that makes them warm and i think a part of why i wet before was because i was cold, and scared to get up,, not lazy hope this information helps, taylor

From jerry, Age 50
Stopped at age 12

I used to have a recurrent dream about being in a movie theater (always the same one) and I would be peeing in the trough urinal that they had there. I'd awaken to find I had wet my bed during the night. Gradually, I startec to wake when I had the dream. At first, I'd already be peeind when I awoke, but it got better, to the point taht I woke before I peed.

From Lauren, Age 9
Stopped at age 9

Because I didn't want to wear pull-ups anymore and I stopped drinking at night and Because I started staying on the toilet longer and thats why I think I stopped wetting!

From John, Age 9
Stopped at age 9

Because i stoped drinking fizzy drinks

From Tony, Age 34
Stopped at age 19

I really started putting my mind to being dry at night, going to the bathroom before bed, not drinking anything two hours before, forcing myself awake if I was dreaming of going to the bathroom.

From johnny, Age 13
Stopped at age 5

I think wearing diaper is not a good solution. Ifyou wet in night, you should try to find the reason and see a doctor and tell him. He/She will try to give some medicine and training to stop your bedwetting behaviour

From Barbara, Age 34
Stopped at age 17

Well i stopped cause I remember being so stressed of my mother spanking and taking away a few of my priveleges. I noticed my 9 year old daughter wetting her bed a few days ago and i dont want to give her the same punishment so i regularly decide to have her wear Goodnights, although sometimes urine still leaks through!

From Nikki, Age 13
Stopped at age 13

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From sean, Age 12
Stopped at age 12

i stopped drinking a half an hour before bed time

From Amanda, Age 13
Stopped at age 12

I stopped wetting because my mom didnt know i was wetting and it was hard to hide the smell and dirty underware. I wore underware or nothing to bed and i didnt use blankets so i didnt get them wet. but i put blankets and warm pj's on and i stopped i think i wet becuse i was cold but now i wear warm things and a big blanket and im fine

From Eddie, Age 14
Stopped at age 13

I stopped wetting the bed when i stopped drinking so much berfore i went to bed.

From Alex, Age 14
Stopped at age Have not totally

I have not totally stopped but am down on the number of wetting days. I believe this was caused by my former step-dad who was a real trip. He also had a drinking problem.Alex

From rob, Age 13
Stopped at age 12

well it just stoped. saportive parents helped the most

From ernie, Age 11
Stopped at age 11

why i stoped wetting was because i got tired of wear dipers to sleep and during the after noon to take a nap that i took my diper off and my plastic sheet and i peed for two weeks in my bed and when my mom was going to make me wear dipers again that night i stoped wetting the bed.no i just wet once a week.

From Megan, Age 23
Stopped at age 19

I found this program called Enuresis Treatment Center (1-800-DRY-BED-4). They helped me to realize that I was wetting because I slept so deeply. I slept so deeply that I did not notice that I had to go to the bathroom and I just went, involuntarily. Through the use of an alarm that attached to my underwear in conjunction with continuous keagal exercises (which I still do) and what ETC calls "Fluid Challenges" I finally stopped wetting the bed. Let me clarify that I had tried EVERYTHING from nose sprays, to waiting to see if I would outgrow the problem, to using an alarm with a mat (an alarm alone won't get rid of the problem), to acupuncture, to seeing a chiropractor for "bladder alignment adjustments" to kidney and bladder function tests. Nothing worked until I called ETC. Their program costs a bit, but do what you have to do. You are worth it. Take out a loan, whatever...they will work with you. Just call them, I guarantee it will change your life.Thanks.

From Melissa, Age 17
Stopped at age 15

I think I stopped wetting because I didnt let it rule my life,everytime I wetted at night I just got happier because I was still me, and the same person.Once I got more and more confidence in myself the more I went from 24/7 to just nights and a couple of months went by until I stopped wetting all together!

From Monique, Age 22
Stopped at age 17

Moved to a different country and stopped wetting the bed after that. Not really sure why. Just one day it stopped.

From BILLY, Age 12
Stopped at age 7

my bladder got stronger and dressed warmer at nightalso drunk less pop

From matt, Age 21
Stopped at age 20

i just realized that people were looking at me and seeing my buldgeing pants and knew i was weraing a diaper

From d, Age 34
Stopped at age

I still wet the bed at night but over the last 2 years I was able to control it by telling myself to wake up if I need to go to the bathroom. However, last night I wet the bed after having a dream of going to the bathroom - I was extremely tired, after a week of much stress and sleep deprivation and was in a deep sleep. As a result, I believe my problem is linked to deep sleep and stress. Other have also told me that I am very "anal" with my work and life with a need for control. I theorize this may be linked to my dreams and bed wetting.

From Tia, Age 15
Stopped at age 12

I think I stoped wetting becuse as I did better in school I forgot filling sorry 4 myself and stopped wetting!

From josh, Age 16
Stopped at age 15

i did not like wearing diapers to bed when my friends spent the night, so i got a pair of regular underwear and wore them when my friends spent the night one time and wen i woke up the front of my new briefs were yellow so i didnt drink any thing after 6 and tried has hard as i could to pee right b4 i went to bed and ever since i've worn my regular white underwear (just like my friends) every night

From daan, Age 16
Stopped at age 12

bedwetting alarm

From Kristy, Age 16
Stopped at age 15


From dan, Age 18
Stopped at age 12


From andy, Age 16
Stopped at age 15

well for a while i wet the bed every night and before hand i would just sit around but now i run for about fifteen minurtes before going to bed

From Mike, Age 11
Stopped at age 10

I think my body hated getting spanked in front of people and getting change in front of ladies in the bathroom with a dirty diaper. Then i think i worried so much it stopped.

From kevin, Age 37
Stopped at age 12

Grew out of it. Mom used diapers and plastic pants, not as a punishment, but to keep me dry. Do the same with our kids...

From eric, Age 19
Stopped at age 12

all this stuff about shame and ridicule is bull, that doesn't change anything. my mother wet the bed until she was 14, so she knew it was hereditary, and eventually, i just grew out of it. probably increased bladder size coupled with lighter sleeping.

From Beth, Age 27
Stopped at age 12

Finally after lots of wet mornings with diapers and plastic pants on, I stopped. My folks were real good about it. They felt I should sleep comfortably at night and so I wore protection. I think it made me feel better until all of my body grew up!

From Doug, Age 43
Stopped at age 10

outgrew it I guess....I also got tired of waking up soaking wet every morning.

From Peter, Age 21
Stopped at age 12

My parents pretty much ignored my bedwetting until I was 8, and then I got the works: tofranil, alarms, waking at night, no soda for 3 months, low sugar diet, etc. When I was 11 my mom put me in diapers and plastic pants, which I hated. My dad said that was a big mistake and I would never stop wetting so he decided to start giving me spanks for being wet just so I did not get too comfortable. I thought my parents would give the whole thing up in a few weeks the way they had everything else, but they kept it up and by my 12th birthday I was completely dry. I see kids on the “big kids chat” here that are still wetting at 22 or even later, and I thank the Lord my parents cared enough to make me stop.

From Nicolas, Age 14
Stopped at age 13

Got older, went to bathroom before I went to bed. Also, ELIMINATED SODA!

From rick, Age 19
Stopped at age 14

i usto wet the bed on perpose for attion and i stoped whren my mom envited my frends to sleepover and when i didnt wet the bed she new i was doing it on perpose and told me if i did it agen i was going to get a spanking and that nite i woke up and wet and in the morning i got a big spanking and never peed the bed agen

From yeesha, Age 10
Stopped at age 6

you can stop by going to the bathroom in the night

From Cate, Age 16
Stopped at age 15

I gave up on diapers

From Bailey, Age 19
Stopped at age 17

I kept wearing diapers 24/7 and I hated it so I just stopped

From Alex, Age 44
Stopped at age 19

Thinking of what an idiot i looked like wearing diapers

From Jennifer, Age 22
Stopped at age ?

I have stopped on and off but this past month has kicked in again. I don't know what is wrong with me, but my roommate at this University is not understanding at all. Not a fun situation. I don't have bad daywetting problems. I just wear the Poise bladder control pads (a lot like Maxi Pads) and they keep me dry just fine, but night is difficult.

From donna, Age 18
Stopped at age 17

i wore diapers full time

From Max, Age 14
Stopped at age 13.5

Not sure how I stopped maybe it was that my bladder started to expand or because i stopped drinking so much during bed time. I do wet occasionally so i still wear diapers to bed when i have had a lot to drink at night.

From SANDY, Age 32
Stopped at age 12


From chris, Age 39
Stopped at age 14

My aunt used electrified training diapers on me. one summer she gave me electric shocks when I wet that realy worked

From brenda, Age 25
Stopped at age 13

maturity and alot of wet night diapers.

From Kailah, Age 13
Stopped at age 11

I eventually just grew out of it. But before I grew out of it, I just wore Goodnites. Once I stopped worrying about it, I could calm down and get up to go to the bathroom.

From lucile, Age 19
Stopped at age 19

I have been to wet my bed 2 a week. But I stoppde wetting becouse I wear socks.

From amy, Age 37
Stopped at age 27

I wet the bed all my life until i had my first child and it just went away,I have no emotional scars as I had very laid back parents.I also know it is inherited...

From SAM, Age 17
Stopped at age 12.5


From Angela, Age 13
Stopped at age 13

Wearing diapers in public

From Matt, Age 18
Stopped at age 18

I only wet once or twice a week now, but even last year it was happening most nights. I dont know why it happens less now, except that I am so tired of wearing a diaper at night.

From bob, Age 47
Stopped at age 10

Started bedwetting after parents divorce. Within a few weeks I was put back in diapers.This lasted till age +- 10 at which time wet nights became fewer and fewer within a couple of months I was dry. Basics are that I outgrew it .

From chris, Age 17
Stopped at age 16

out grew it but i still wet from time to time

From fiona, Age 18
Stopped at age 12

i stopped wetting when i started to find out that i was dyslexic. I am still undigonosed but i know that i am!! you know some thing like that

From adam, Age 23
Stopped at age 15

mom made me wear diapers

From jane, Age 12
Stopped at age 11

getting teased

From Kayla, Age 39
Stopped at age 13


From frank, Age 38
Stopped at age 17

i stopped..., i don't know why

From john, Age 11
Stopped at age 11 and 2 months

i dont know why it just stopped

From erik, Age 12
Stopped at age 7

i do not want to wear baby pampers again

From Jaqi, Age 33
Stopped at age 6

I remember the intense ridicule and shame from my mother. I was examined by doctors but they found nothing wrong. I was told that I would grow out of it. I had both day and night wetting. I think the shame and ridicule was what helped me to stop.

From melanie, Age 27
Stopped at age 15

i remember i had an alarm clock that woke me up at3:oo every morning and by the age of 12 i stoppedwetting the bed as much but i completely stopped at age 15. To this day without an alarm clock, i wake up at 3:00 almost every morning (which is nerve wrecking because i can't get back to sleep).

From billy, Age 13
Stopped at age 8

I stoped drinking water befor going to bed.

From John, Age 14
Stopped at age 13

I just stuck in there and waited it out!

From Annette, Age 35
Stopped at age 12

I was tested for alot of things, but basically I think I just outgrew it. My dad, 1 brother, my aunt and probaly more within my family all where bedwetters.

From daniell, Age 12
Stopped at age 11

bedwetting alarm whit a training if I wet i must pay

From laura, Age 18
Stopped at age 17

i have stopped naturally

From Steph, Age 26
Stopped at age 17

I dont know actually, but I believed I would grow out of it someday, and made sure I went to the bathroom just before I went to bed.

From Ed, Age 13
Stopped at age 11

I matured enough that my bladder grew up to

From Steve, Age 56
Stopped at age 50

i just stopped.

From BILL, Age 12
Stopped at age ?


From jimmy, Age 22
Stopped at age 9

dont drink water before go to bed , use sock when sleeping , dont use blanke use comfort to cover your went sleep good sleep ok.

From allison, Age 31
Stopped at age 17

i didn't stop bedwetting until my mom brought me to a doctor who prescribed to me a tiny pill. i think it was an anti depressent

From scott, Age 35
Stopped at age 21

i wet the bed almost every night till the age of 15 or 16. my sleep was heavy and getting up was alfull. the bedwetting slowly decreased until i was bedwetting once or twice a week when i started college. a year to a year and a half later my wetting became more erratic. i tried not to drink much in the early evening,something hard for a frat boy! the last time i wet was after my 21 birthday. the freedom was liberating but the scars are still with me
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