From frank, Age 37
Stopped at age 20

I think it was a "natural" cause, i was growing up and probably i've reached the control when my body was ready

From shaun, Age 19
Stopped at age 19


From Lee, Age 30
Stopped at age 6

My parents had borrowed a bed wetting alarm from someone that they knew. My mom then told me that as soon as I started to wet the pad an alarm would sound and I would wake up and be able to go to the bathroom. Well, the alarm sounded scaring the hell out of me and I was soaking wet! My mom continued to use the alarm, but I never wet the bed again!. I also remember having those very real dreams that I was going to the washroom but was really nice and cozy in my bed. I now have a 7 year old Daughter that wets the bed and I felt very tramatized by the bedwetting devise, so I didn't want to use it on my daughter. I'm definately thinking of it now though, because I am so very frustrated by the constant wetting of her bed. Even through the pull ups she wears!

From Shaun, Age 23
Stopped at age 12

"outgrew it", even though I already had a very large bladder. I continued to wet off and on until I was about 18, though.

From Craig, Age 16
Stopped at age 15

Friends saw my plastic pants

From David, Age 26
Stopped at age 5

I think I out grew bedwetting.

From stacey, Age 36
Stopped at age 14

my bladder reached its proper size and i quit sleeping so deep

From Mark, Age 36
Stopped at age 18

I was going off to college and made up my mind that I was not going to wear diapers and plastic pants in college.

From Darryl, Age 47
Stopped at age 15

I think my bladder finally grew to the capacity that it could hold all of the urine I produced at night while I slept. I am still a very heavy sleeper, and once I fall asleep, I am VERY hard to wake. I base my opinion on the fact that as a child I could never finish a 12oz. soft drink. When I could finally drink all 12 oz. is when I stopped wetting the bed. You may call it coincidence, but the two events are too close for me to discredit.

From Adam, Age 23
Stopped at age 12

I guess I just kind of outgrew wetting every night when my bladder finally grew big enough to hold a whole night's worth of urine. I've always had a small bladder for my age (have to pee every hour or two during the day). I used to pee in my bed two or more times every night when I was really young. As I got older I could gradually hold on longer and longer into the night until when I was 12 I finally had the first dry night of my life. After that I just seemed all of a sudden to be able to wake up during the night when my bladder was full, something I could never do before. Since then I've had occasional accidents when I'm really tired, sick, or have too much to drink, but after that first dry night something just seemed to "click" so that my brain could wake me up before my small bladder overflowed and I wet the bed.

From kitty, Age 17
Stopped at age 15

i realised that I was at the age when I really needed to stop.

From Darryl, Age 46
Stopped at age 15

I remember I could never drink all of a soda when I was still wetting the bed. Once I was able to hold an entire soda, I was also able to hold all of my urine at night. Sounds simple, but that is the way I remember it.

From Lawrence, Age 33
Stopped at age 14

It is very apparent for me and my family that the underdeveloped bladder is was and is going to be the cause. Although pants wetting is not common a lot of attention was spent being close to the facilities. both my father and mother had the problem 4 of their 5 five kids had the problem there are nine grandchildren and 60% of those have the problem currently. I stoped when about 14 the hormone for bladder development was released and problem solved. Why is this still a problem for kids is that there was not people experienced the problem or we just do not want it to go away?:)

From Patrick, Age 30
Stopped at age 29

Bladder stretching exercises helped the amount of wee I can now hold. Ive started to sleep much more lightly now Im older. I asked help from other people. I started to really try to be dry, before I had accepted the fact I was wet and diddnt try hard.

From jamie, Age 11
Stopped at age 10

I don't know

From Lisa, Age 32
Stopped at age 18

I was given many types of drugs, alarms, my own alarm clock, and my mother tried waking me every 2 hours at night. Nothing ever worked for me. I had a wet bed every night until I was about 18, I stopped, for no apparent reason. I still urinate constantly throughout the day, and have to get up at night quite often, but I never have a wet bed anymore. Once I stopped at about age 18, I did have spells of bedwetting where I would go for a few weeks of sporadic bedwetting, but it has been at least 5 years and I think I have finally quit for good.

From charles, Age 44
Stopped at age 13

I went to camp! That first morning,I wet the bed. I was so horrified that someone would find out I awoke early and cleaned up everything myself before anyone else awoke. It was not easy getting new sheets etc. I never wet again after that night.

From Frank, Age 51
Stopped at age 50

I started wetting again at about age 40, and it continued until about 8 months ago. It took some serious therapy, but it seems I finally figured out that I was "getting even" with people that I was angry with by sort of thinking "well, p___ on you!" Once I realized that, the wetting stopped immediately.

From Sebas, Age 23
Stopped at age 6

need of diapers

From Lisa, Age 17
Stopped at age 6

When I was little I used to wet the bed all of the time but I finally trained myself to go before I went to sleep. Now if I don't go to the bathroom after I brush my teeth and I just get into bed I can't fall asleep because I have my body trained.

From fred, Age 19
Stopped at age 18

I was a bed wetter. I have rigged up a bucket of cold water over my bed and when i pee the cold water drops I don't sleep anymore cause I am too scared. My mum has sent me to a mental institution cause I used to pee on the desk at school. The doctor says I have a too small bladder so I need to wee every 20 minutes

From sam,, Age 25
Stopped at age 24

i stopped drinking 4 glsses of water before going to bed

From mikke, Age 21
Stopped at age 442

I don't know

From Aaron, Age 20
Stopped at age 12

after I had moved with my mom when I was 11. i wet the bed for a few months after that. I know the main reason that i d wet was because I had a lot of emotional problems when I lived with My dad because of the abus he put me through.and after I had relized that I didn't have to worry about my dad any more I just stopped.

From Andy, Age 40
Stopped at age 39

I just stopped wetting, I couldnt stop wetting my bed

From Lee, Age 24
Stopped at age 21

I wore plastic pants

From jerry, Age 44
Stopped at age 24

it gradually stopped once I got married

From Cheryl, Age 23
Stopped at age 12

I made myself wake up when I knew I had to pee, even though I was really tired.

Angie, Age 13
Stopped at age 11

I stopped wetting when I went to stay at my grandmother's house one summer for three months. She was old and I knew that it would really be hard for her to wash all my sheets. I just really tried hard not to wet.
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