Sleep Research Disorder Center (SRDC) - From Eric, 7/25/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Am thinking of enrolling myself in a bedwetting treatment program. I am an 30 year old bedwetter who hasn't recived much help from physicians other than DDAVP and tofranil (alas only temporary relief). The program is a alarm based program with indiviudalized instructions/reporitng and counseling. It costs about $550. An they say it will take approximately 4-6 months to correct my problem. Has anyone any experience with this program? I believe they are out of Michigan. They are at least cheaper than theose cosing $2000. Thanks.
Reply from Rich - 8/26/04 - IP#:
Reply from Anthony - 8/25/04 - IP#:
Reply from Lauren - 7/31/04 - IP#:

Dri Sleeper - From Teresa, 7/14/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Our son just turned 10 this month. He would wet the bed 98% of the time. I found this Dri Sleeper on the internet. Thinking it would be a waste of money but was ready to try anything. Well I ordered it and he couldnt wait to try it!. He used it for just over 1 week and has been dry ever since ..!!! That has been about 3 weeks now of dry nights. We are all just shocked at how well and fast this had cured him of bed wetting. Im sure it wont work for everyone and not as fast as it did for us. But is well worth the $50 to try it. It has already paid for itself in the savings from buying the goodnights underpants!

Bed Wetting Alarms - Dri-Sleeper - From Sharelle, 2/21/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
We are using this alarm with our 11 year old son. In the second week we used the alarm, he woke up quickly whenever it went off, and only got his undies and a spot on the sheet wet. Last 2 weeks have been dry.The company recommends you put the sensor inside a panty liner pad, but this was a pain after the first week; so I sewed narrow pockets (of T Shirt material) to the inside of 5 pairs of undies, leaving an opening just wide enough to squeeze the sensor into(it is a flexible plastic strip). It doesn't shift around and my son is able to set himself up. I think that any alarm system would have worked, the Dri-Sleeper was cheaper than the other ones I looked up (about A$70.00) and it has been easy to manage.

Dri-Sleeper - From Mary , 10/1/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I tried the Dri-Sleeper for several weeks with my seven year old son. He found it to be very uncomfortable. The required pad in the underwear would wake him during the night. In the instances that he did sleep allowing the alarm to sound, he was unable to reattach the alarm after he got up and went to the bathroom without changing the pad and underwear, which is hard for a heavy sleeping seven year old in the middle of the night. Sorry, but I can not recommend this product!
Reply from Traci - 12/17/03 - IP#:

Waking up dry - From Marina, 9/15/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi, everybody! I would like to share my personal experience of trying to help my child to stop bedwetting. I have checked all possible websites and contacted all possible companies that promise to cure bedwetting. But the best answer I have found was Dr. Martin Scharf's book "Waking up dry. How to end bedwetting forever". The book gives a complete programm to stop bedwetting without using medication with dangerous side effects and spending lots of money. I would like to notice the book is very easy to read and understand. Bladder exersises may be a little bit difficult to do for younger kids. But everything is possible with parents help and supervision. Please read this book before you make a decision to pay over $1900 to Pacific Int. or Enuresis center. They use similar programms.

DriSleeper - From Chrissy, 8/5/03  Click here to reply
Wow....What can I say?! We responded to a flyer and had a person stop by the house to give us a talk on thier bed wetting system. After two hours they told us the price was about 2, husband and I just couldbn't spend that kind of money so the next day I went on the internet and found DriSleeper. I emailed Dr. Page to discuss the product and got a quick response. I ordered the product and we started using it on April 14, 2003 and we are now on "Dry Night" #18!!! My son is 7 and is quite proud of himself and can't wait to go on a sleepover at his best freinds house! When ever I had concerns or questions, my email was always answered within a 24 hour period. I highly recomend this system to any parent that wants to help thier son or daughter! Just a note:I had my son sleep on the floor beside my bed on a camp pad so that I could help him get up in the middle of the night as he was a very deep sleeper.

DRI Sleeper - From Wendy, 7/7/03  Click here to reply
I recently purchased the DRI Sleeper for my 5 year old son who had chronic bed wetting and it was the best purchase I could have made. He is now accident free after 3 short weeks. We saw huge improvements after one week and we are thrilled! I would recommend this product to any family experiencing these frustrating times.

malem enuresis alarms - From terri, 2/18/03  Click here to reply
There is no need for a "program" or to pay anyone any money. Go to "", read the book "getting to dry" from barnes & noble or wherever. Order an alarm. We ordered a wireless one in August 02 which "died" right after the warranty was over 3 months later. But we were seeing progress so we then ordered the top of the line malem alarm (it's great). We got it from the but you can get it from other sources. Our son was 9 and it took 7 months and was very frustrating at times - like having a newborn baby again. This is not a hormone disfunction or bladder disfunction as we were always told by doctors....... it is a sleep arousal disfunction!!!! You have to train your kid like pavlovs' dogs to wake up by, simply waking them up!!! After using the alarm for just a while, we realized that our son peed pretty much on schedule: roughly at midnight, 3:00 a.m. & 6:00 a.m. So we started catching before the midnight pee by waking him up and taking him to the bathroom. For about 5 months it was very difficult to wake him up - he would walk into another room and go to bed, or lie down on the floor, or step into the bathtub, or act beligerent, etc..... Finally he would pee and go back to bed. He would NEVER remember this in the morning. Then after about 5 months, we would tap him on the shoulder, he would be fully aroused, get up & go pee. At around 3:00am all this time the alarm would wake us up (not him), we would clean him up, change the sheets & put him back to bed. Then on school mornings we would try to catch him before the 6:00am pee but sometimes (often) we would be too late and he would wet the bed again. The alarm almost never woke him up - it woke us up & we woke him up. It does not matter if the alarm wakes him up or if you do - he just must be conditioned to wake up! This pattern went on for months with little change - some weeks he'd wet the bed more than others, just like before the alarm. The main change we were seeing after 5 months is that he was easier to arouse as mentioned above. Then, all of a sudden we'd be in bed watching T.V. and we'd hear him in the bathroom! He actually got out of bed on his own & peed in the pot in the middle of the night - yea! After that started he just didn't quit & he's been totally dry for several weeks. The other information in the book that we learned that is common with bedwetters was true with our son: small bladder capacity, a tendency towards constipation, etc.... That was all very interesting but totally unnecessary information (in my humble opinion). Training him to wake up with an alarm was IT !! Sorry this is so long but this is the kind of information I was desparately looking for for years and thought someone might appreciate it. Supposedly the older the child, the longer it takes - he's so happy to be turnng 10 next month as a non-bedwetter. I only wish we had done this years ago - the information must really get out there better!! I went out and bought my son a new thick, cozy bedspread like he's always wanted... I've been using 21/2 yard pieces of fleece from the fabric store as I could easily throw them in the washing machine. We are very excited to say the least. I think you parents of other bedwetters can imagine how we feel. Good luck ..... I'm going to start informing pediatricians starting with ours....
Reply from Tim - 2/3/04 - IP#:
Reply from terri - 10/21/03 - IP#:
Reply from KIM - 10/1/03 - IP#:
Reply from Tammy - 2/19/03 - IP#:

EnuresisTreatment Center - From Debra, 10/8/02  Click here to reply
Does anyone else have experience with this center the Enuresis Treatment Center from the internet? I have just sent for information. I also sent for info from PCI but will not be inviting them into my home after reading your reports.

Has anyone tried hypnotherapy? - From Andrea, 8/18/02  Click here to reply
I am wondering if anyone has tried hypnotherapy.

Dry Nite - From Crystal, 7/5/2002  Click here to reply
Has anyone tried this product?
Reply from Jessica - 3/20/04 - IP#:
Reply from tona - 4/12/03 - IP#:

Dri Sleeper - From Barry Jones, 6/11/2002  Click here to reply
Several months ago my wife filled out a questionnaire regardingBedwetting, several weeks later we received a phone call from a company and set up an interview with a consultant to swing by the house and speak with us. My wife and I had done absolutely no research on the problem of bedwetting and had no idea how to approach our problem.Quite frankly, we were glad someone had responded to the questionnaire and were excited to meet with our consultant. Our consultant explained everything about bedwetting and did not pressure us in any way to purchase his product. We felt that we should spend the $2,000 to help out our 6-year old child out because she was getting to the point where she did not want to go to sleepovers and was starting to get self conscious.That night we spent the $2000 and I did not sleep very well, I was waiting for the alarm to go off and was having second thoughts about spending so much money without any research. The following morning I called and left a message at the Dri Sleeper office. Dr. Page returned my call telling me that his product would work just as well as the much more expensive one that we had just purchased. So I immediately ordered a DRI sleeper and cancelled my contract with the consultant with the other company.The DRI sleeper came in the mail in less than a week and we got started. I did not use the napkin as stated in the add because I did not want to change the sheets after she wet the bed and quite frankly, I could not get it installed properly, so I installed it into my child's diaper. I think the alarm we off less than 10 times and she has been sleeping in “panties" within 6 weeks. My wife and I feel that if it was not for the Dri Sleeper she would be in panties now, but we would have been out way more money.The Dri Sleeper worked really well for us and I highly recommend it. The sensor is very sensitive and the sound is plenty loud to wake a child. We did not use the Velcro that was attached to the alarm; instead we tucked the alarm and cord into the waste band of the diaper.Our child can sleep through anything and only failed to wake her up one time; however the alarm woke me up and I was able to get her to the bathroom.Barry and Cheryl Jones
Reply from Julie - 2/8/03 - IP#:
Reply from Anthony - 10/23/02 - IP#:
Reply from Lisa - 6/25/02 - IP#:
Reply from Hope - 6/16/02 - IP#:

SleepDry Alarm Program - From Robert, 3/6/2002  Click here to reply
Has anyone used the SleepDry alarm & program with success? As I read the numerous testimonials on this page, it appears that there is some success in using an alarm. Thanks!
Reply from Jeff - 5/20/03 - IP#:
Reply from Kimberly - 3/13/03 - IP#:
Reply from Ken - 1/7/03 - IP#:
Reply from Ken - 1/7/03 - IP#:
Reply from Chris - 1/7/03 - IP#:
Reply from C.M. - 12/10/02 - IP#:
Reply from Karen - 7/28/02 - IP#:
Reply from Laura - 5/5/02 - IP#:

adult bedwetter treatment program - From David, 12/29/01  Click here to reply
Has anyone had experience with a treatment program called Travis International for an adult bedwetter. They say they have experiecne and success with adults but I don't know if its true or only marketing. I am 33 years old withe enuresis. Been to many Dr.s. Anyone with experince with DDAVP with adults? That is what my current Dr. is recommending becaue i do not like the side effects from tofranil or detrol. Thnanks
Reply from Dane - 1/13/02

trying to get my son to quit wetting the bed. - From Jody , 4/1/01  Click here to reply
my son has wet the bed from day one and i am triedthat one that looks like the one of the "T" one and the alarm isn't loud enough,to wake him up he goes into a deep sleep and when i go to wake him up in the night. he would fight with him and not get up ,then before he would go to bed i would have him go to the bathroom and then shut off the water at a time that he wouldn't wet the bed but that didn't help either and then he would get up in the morning and go to the bathroom like he hadn't peed all night, would like to know what i could do for him cause he is almost 14 years old. and would love to help him quit . i used to wet the bed to but my mom got me a machine but i can't find it anymore so if you would have any infor, i would love to know what i could do to help and he has been on the pills and it helped for a while and then quit ,.thank you Jody

DDAVP nasal spray - From Karen, 2/25/01  Click here to reply
Our 8 year old wets almost every night. We have recently begun using the nasal spray DDAVP, it works sometimes, and definitely reduces the amount of urine when she does wet, but we certainly haven't gotten the results we hoped for. It's starting to really affect her self esteem. My doctor has recommended imapramine, but I'm very worried about the side effects and long term effects of this. Has anyone tried hypnotherappy? Looking forward to some feedback from others...
Reply from Sharelle - 2/18/04 - IP#:
Reply from Lynn - 10/9/03 - IP#:
Reply from Matt - 8/5/02 - IP#:
Reply from Matt - 10/25/01
Reply from Matt - 10/25/01
Reply from Theresa - 7/31/01
Reply from dsm - 4/6/01
Reply from Joyce - 3/25/01

Dri-Sleeper - From darcy, 2/9/01  Click here to reply
Has anyone tried this?
Reply from Hope - 6/16/02 - IP#:
Reply from Mel - 6/11/02 - IP#:
Reply from Kate - 6/11/02 - IP#:
Reply from Melissa - 2/10/01

my son wets on purpose. - From Daniel, 1/5/01  Click here to reply
I think my 12 year old son wets on purpose. i sent him to bed at 10 and at 10:20 i came in and he had peed his bed. i have also found wet drynites in his bedroom as well as wet sheets and pjs. i asked him if he had a problem and he said he hadn't. please give me some advice?
Reply from sophia - 1/18/04 - IP#:
Reply from Nikki - 8/23/03 - IP#:
Reply from jen important - 1/13/03 - IP#:
Reply from dan - 9/23/02 - IP#:
Reply from Marie - 6/14/02 - IP#:
Reply from bill - 3/22/02 - IP#:
Reply from Steve - 1/18/02
Reply from LORI - 12/8/01
Reply from Jamie - 11/15/01
Reply from connie - 5/29/01
Reply from Melissa - 2/10/01
Reply from mary

At Home Treatment Kit? - From Cee, 1/4/01  Click here to reply
Has anyone used this system? Comments?
Reply from Christopher - 10/1/01

6 1/2 year old still wets. - From Michael, 12/21/00  Click here to reply
My 6 1/2 year old stepson still wets the bed nightly. My wife and I have tried offering him a reward if he was able to stay dry for a week, to no avail. He went to visit his father over the last summer and we were told that he hardly wet at night. We told him he has to change his own sheets, hoping it would help, but it seems that he doesn't care if he wakes up wet. He has even gone around the house in the morning on weekends with his wet clothes still on before we notice it and make him change. We are at a loss and it is very frustrating. I learned alot while reading about enuresis and am going to try to use what I read (stop liquids earlier, no chips for snack).
Reply from Heather - 6/23/02 - IP#:
Reply from Roxy - 4/30/02 - IP#:
Reply from mark - 4/23/02 - IP#:
Reply from pampers - 3/22/02 - IP#:
Reply from krish - 7/19/02
Reply from edward - 6/10/01
Reply from Sharon - 3/27/01
Reply from Wetpjs

Enurad Bedwetting Alarm - From Kristina, 8/28/00  Click here to reply
This is a great alarm, The oval shaped sensor fits into a pantyliner and this is stuck into underpants. There are NO wires. When your child wets, a signal is sent from the sensor to a clock receiver, which then rings. This is loud enough to wake the bedwetter, especially if they have told themselves that they will hear the alarm before they went to bed. It looks like an ordinary clock and can be put on the dresser, so your child has to get out of bed to turn it off.
Reply from Karen - 6/28/01
Reply from Renee - 4/20/01
Reply from Allen - 2/24/01
Reply from Renee

4 year old and medicine? - From Donna, 8/21/00  Click here to reply
I have heard there is a medicine that can be given (in pill form, I believe) that stops bedwetting (usually in less than one week) and the bedwetting does Not return even after the medicine has been stopped. I have heard this from a couple of different people. I think the medicine is "imipramine", but I'm not sure. Has anyone had any experience with this?
Reply from Abby - 5/28/02 - IP#:
Reply from Bryan - 12/19/01
Reply from Dee - 6/9/01
Reply from Troy - 4/23/01
Reply from dsm - 4/6/01
Reply from Carolyn - 3/21/01
Reply from Kathy - 2/11/01
Reply from Glapha - 1/24/01
Reply from Lisa
Reply from Michelle
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