Pacific International - From Kris, 6/26/00  Click here to reply
I signed up with this company and it know costs 1895, you are required to pay $95 the day you sign the contract. My daughter wet and was scared to death of the alarm.
Reply from Bob - 8/22/04 - IP#:
Reply from Colleen - 11/12/02 - IP#:
Reply from Fred - 5/11/02 - IP#:
Reply from Shelley - 3/11/02 - IP#:
Reply from Tracey - 3/11/02 - IP#:
Reply from Ex P.I. Rep - 11/7/01
Reply from Cary - 9/21/01
Reply from Bill - 2/19/01
Reply from Linda - 1/31/01
Reply from Valerie - 1/25/01
Reply from Frieda
Reply from Linda
Reply from Linda
Reply from Lori
Reply from Aaron
Reply from Aaron
Reply from Kelly
Reply from Kathy

Heavy sleeper still wets - From Jose Palermo, 6/6/00  Click here to reply
Our 8 year old son still wets his bed, we have gone through every posible method pescribed. My wife thinks it may be a hereditary factors (Her sister had the same problem up to the same age). Our son is also avery hard sleeper he'll sit up on his bed not realizinghe's wet the bed, once we have wakend him up to check on him. At times he'll even wet twice in the nite. First time after only being in bed 2 hours.
Reply from doodoo - 7/22/04 - IP#:
Reply from Tina - 3/6/02 - IP#:
Reply from Michelle S
Reply from Michelle

Bedwetting Treatments - From Donna, 5/13/00  Click here to reply
My son is 8 yrs. old and still wets the bed. I have heard that certain foods affect a child's bedwetting. For example, I heard that not drinking milk after 12:00 noon helps. Does anyone know if nutrition plays a role in a child's bedwetting or prevention of bedwetting? If so, where can I get this information?
Reply from Alison, RD - 2/19/02 - IP#:
Reply from Lynn - 9/10/01
Reply from krish - 7/19/02
Reply from Tracie - 2/23/01
Reply from Angela
Reply from Angela
Reply from Zach
Reply from Shelly

NatureCalls bedwetting Alarm - From BRENDA, 5/3/00  Click here to reply
Hi. We had a bedwetter in our family. Used a NatureCalls bedwetting alarm. My child slept very sound. When I heard the alarm I would go to her andget her up, take her to the bathroom. Was not long before she started to hear the alarm. The rest is history, bedwetting is only a bad memory.
Reply from Kerry - 6/10/02 - IP#:
Reply from Laura
Reply from Sandra

Malem Bedwetting Alarm - From Helen, 3/5/00  Click here to reply
Please have a look at Malem Bedwetting Alarms on : They are fantastic.
Reply from Cynthia - 6/23/04 - IP#:
Reply from Kevin - 10/21/03 - IP#:
Reply from Cindy - 2/2/03 - IP#:
Reply from Lynn - 9/10/01
Reply from Linda
Reply from matthew

Baba Time - From matty, 3/4/00  Click here to reply
This is a whole set of stuff 6 bags of nappies Huggies Dry nites and a dummy to stop your child crying and a potty pager all for Ģ24.99
Reply from SKM - 1/19/02
Reply from Donna

Wet - Stop - From chloe, 2/22/00  Click here to reply
Has anyone tried Wet-Stop? It's only $75. It's for our 11 year old boy. Another question: We are going on a 2-week trip in 6 it totally unrealistic to try one of these alarms prior to our trip? What can we use during the trip?
Reply from Andrea - 3/9/02 - IP#:
Reply from Jamie - 11/15/01
Reply from Christine - 10/24/01
Reply from Lynn - 9/10/01
Reply from Tony - 6/1/01
Reply from Brett
Reply from Annie
Reply from George
Reply from Lori
Reply from Heather

Pacific International - From Dorothy, 12/29/99  Click here to reply
We are thinking about Paccific International for our 10 year old girl, but they charge $1700. Has anybody used them?
Reply from Norman - 1/5/03 - IP#:
Reply from Andrea - 3/9/02 - IP#:
Reply from Georgia - 9/21/01
Reply from James & Marsha - 4/20/01
Reply from Don - 3/31/01
Reply from Rebecca & Sam - 3/5/01
Reply from richard
Reply from Frieda
Reply from Linda
Reply from bill
Reply from Carrie
Reply from Robert
Reply from Janice
Reply from Janice
Reply from MARK
Reply from sue
Reply from sam
Reply from Jon
Reply from Jennifer

Potty Pager, From Bobby - 12/28/99  Click here to reply
I like the Potty PAger a lot. It really wakes me up and doesnt wake up my brother Pete who sleeps in my room.
Reply from Debbie - 4/6/01
Reply from Cindy - 3/22/01

Potty Pager Wetness Alarm- From John, 11/30/99  Click here to reply
I love the Potty Pager.  Our son is 13 and impossible to wake up. He sleeps through all of the beeping alarms. They would wake everybody else and even the neighbors, but not him.  The Potty Pager wakes him up every time and since it is a vibration alarm nobody else hears it. 
Reply from Alison - 9/23/02 - IP#:
Reply from Lynn - 9/10/01
Reply from Cindy - 3/22/01
Reply from Bob
Reply from Cindy
Reply from Deborah

Stay Dri Wetness Alarm - From Alice, 11/17/99  Click here to reply
I had a hard time with this alarm. The cord gets tangled up and the sensor pad then pulls loose.  The beeper is prety good though.  It woke our son really well
Reply from Donna
Reply from shirly

Nytone - From Crystal, 11/16/99  Click here to reply
I like the Nytone alarm the best because it is the cheapest and they all work about teh same.  

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