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From tyler, Age 7 almost 8 - 7/15/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I do not wet the bed but some kids do and i will keepon praying for kids that do wet the bed
Reply from kayla, Age 12 - 12/19/03 - IP#:
Reply from Rebecca, Age 10 - 3/11/03 - IP#:
Reply from Kassidy, Age 9 - 12/30/02 - IP#:
Reply from Jamie, Age 16 - 7/29/02 - IP#:
Reply from donny, Age 8 - 7/25/02 - IP#:

From donny, Age 8 - 7/13/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hi my nameis donny i a boy was live in sweeden i is a were diapers caz i wet i jus wat mak frends y no1 go kidsroom is it bad 2 go an make frends
Reply from tyler, Age 7 almost 8 - 7/15/02 - IP#:

From Fred, Age 10 - 6/12/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hi well i have diabeties abd when my sugar gets soooo low i cant wake up well for some strangee reason i keep getting low and i cant get up so i wet the bed well and another strange thing is a wet during the day and i havent told my mum and dad so should i i know i will be very embarrased but i know its the right thing to do but in this case i dont want do do the right thing
Reply from ????????, Age 10 - 3/14/04 - IP#:
Reply from private, Age 11 - 2/15/03 - IP#:
Reply from Tiffany, Age 8 - 9/1/02 - IP#:
Reply from ryan, Age 13 - 7/18/02 - IP#:
Reply from shelley, Age 34 - 6/16/02 - IP#:

From shelby, Age 10 - 6/7/80 - IP#:  Click here to reply
i do not wet the bed but some people do. they just canthelp it.sorry for those who do.
Reply from jimmy, Age 12 - 9/22/02 - IP#:
Reply from shelley, Age 34 - 6/16/02 - IP#:

From Emma, Age 10 almost 11 - 5/28/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi, I do not wet but I pray for those who do. Do not feel alone. I have a huge fear of someday doing it. i am very lucky I do not do it. But I know there are people who do. You are not the only person who does it. It's okay. If your friends are real friends they will understand. You should try talking to your friends about this. Also pray all the time, God will help you. Hey- like I said about talking to your friends, my friend does it and she slept over! I helped her and now she is not lonely. Chances are, some of your friends even do it!! Do not be afraid. God Bless you,Emma
Reply from Angel, Age 11 - 6/11/02 - IP#:

From Lo Ka Yee, Age 10 - 5/27/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I wear diapers every day. Mom and Dad change my diaper when I wet. On Saturday we went to an amusement park and I wear diaper. We went with my auntie and uncle two. I wet diaper on the way and pooped in it on ride. Mom mad at me and took me to get change in baby changing room. Auntie went with her. I lay on table and mom change. She mad at me for sitting in my pooped diaper.I had an accident at a party. My mom saw I had wet dress and took me to the bathroom. She asked her friend for a diaper and she gave her a diaper. She went to the car and got a pair of pants and changes me. I have accidents in school. I feel like I have to pee sometimes and I ask the teacher and he said no I cant be excused to the girls room I try to hold it and after while it feels so full and ticklish like I feel my underpants get warm. I know Im wetting my dress and I see the water drip on the floor under my seat. I was wearing blue & white checked dress. I felt hot, I was red faced and the teacher noticed my water on the floor. He made memo to the nurse off ice and called my mother. So I got new underwear and dress. Next day I felt the same thing again and wet my dress. Now the kids call me pee girl or pee pee yee. I wet my dress in school every day and 2 times today.
Reply from Nicole, Age 10 - 12/23/03 - IP#:
Reply from <>, Age <> - 11/12/03 - IP#:
Reply from Misty, Age 11 - 4/26/03 - IP#:
Reply from charlie, Age 12 - 4/24/03 - IP#:
Reply from kid, Age 13 - 4/24/03 - IP#:
Reply from Brittany, Age 10 - 4/17/03 - IP#:
Reply from Brittany, Age 10 - 4/11/03 - IP#:
Reply from Rebecca, Age 10 - 3/11/03 - IP#:
Reply from TOnya, Age 8 - 1/10/03 - IP#:
Reply from Lo Ka Yee, Age 10 - 12/5/02 - IP#:
Reply from Lo Ka Yee, Age 10 - 12/5/02 - IP#:
Reply from Lo Ka Yee, Age 10 - 12/3/02 - IP#:
Reply from Iou-Yut, Age 11 - 8/5/02 - IP#:
Reply from Cara, Age 8 - 6/11/02 - IP#:

From Jessica, Age 10 - 5/13/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi im jessica and im 10 and still in diapers and my mum still change me when she change she put the towel on the floor and I have to lay down on the towel and pull my pants down then thck my diaper off then cline me up then she put the new diaper on me
Reply from chris, Age 7 - 4/23/03 - IP#:
Reply from will, Age 13 - 11/26/02 - IP#:
Reply from stuart, Age 11 - 8/26/02 - IP#:
Reply from chris, Age 6 - 8/19/02 - IP#:
Reply from liz, Age 12 - 6/1/02 - IP#:
Reply from jon, Age 11 - 5/24/02 - IP#:

From paidrin, Age 10 - 5/3/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Reply from emily, Age 11 - 12/9/03 - IP#:
Reply from Zach , Age 8 - 12/2/03 - IP#:
Reply from Rebecca, Age 10 - 3/11/03 - IP#:
Reply from princess, Age 11 - 2/15/03 - IP#:
Reply from gg, Age 18 - 9/24/02 - IP#:

From Bobby, Age 16 - 4/22/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi, My name is Bobby. Please, leave a reply to this messeage. It is important. I know you kids would love to chat with each other in the kids chat room.  Let the other kids know when you are on line and here at wetbusters so that the other kids will know when you are here to chat with them. The kids do not know when you are here so let them know by telling them when you reply to this messege. - Bobby -
Reply from Leah to catherine, Age 9 - 6/5/02 - IP#:
Reply from catherine, Age 7 - 5/2/02 - IP#:

From Hinson, Age 8 - 4/18/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I am a Bedwetter and I wear nappy at night. But my mum do not want me to use too more nappies. What should I do?
Reply from Rebecca, Age 10 - 3/11/03 - IP#:
Reply from ??????, Age 10 - 11/12/02 - IP#:
Reply from ADAM, Age 10 - 10/20/02 - IP#:
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