Each month we have a question about bedwetting.  You will see this month's results as soon as you vote.  Past months' results are below.  Please vote only once each month.  Thanks a lot. 

This Month's Question:

   If there were an alarm which could wake you up at night whenever 
   your bladder is full (before you wet), so you could use the toilet,  
   would you use this alarm to stop your nighttime wetting? 
                             (vote for one)

No, because I would rather use diapers and sleep than wake up and use the toilet in the night.

  No, even though I don't use diapers, I would rather sleep and risk wetting the bed than wake up and use the toilet in the night.

  Yes, I would like to wake up when my bladder is full, and use the toilet, to stop my nighttime wetting.

What do you think would wake you best? (noise, light, other?)

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