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From frank, Age 41 - 2/8/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hi fellow bedwetters i am single (ex wife could not handle my bedetting) so am looking am also keen to find other bedwetters in sydney write me at
Reply from Steven, Age 30 - 3/18/03 - IP#:

From Joseph, Age 43 - 2/7/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hi this is my fist time on the board i wet the bed for fist time to day i do not no what to do? can you help me pleas I live sudbury ont. canada your help will be helpfill your fraind joseph.
Reply from john, Age 40 - 3/2/04 - IP#:
Reply from joseph, Age 43 - 2/13/03 - IP#:
Reply from Doug, Age 44 - 2/7/03 - IP#:

From JOHN, Age 47 - 2/7/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I live in Dublin, Ireland and I am a bedwetter. I would like to make contact with any others in Dublin or elsewhere. In particular I would like to hear from ladies with the problem.
Reply from Brian, Age 66 - 1/3/04 - IP#:
Reply from pete, Age 38 - 1/3/04 - IP#:

From darrell morgan, Age 23 - 2/7/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
anyone in the uk that wears nappies please contact me as i also wear nappies
Reply from Rob, Age 24 - 4/1/03 - IP#:
Reply from joey, Age 28 - 3/2/03 - IP#:
Reply from peter, Age 34 - 2/8/03 - IP#:

From adam, Age 25 - 2/6/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Has anyone here ever gone to a urologist and/or a sleep specialist for bedwetting? I've heard stories about (and personally experienced) typical unhelpful advice from general practitioners ("you'll grow out of it" and so forth), but I was wondering if anyone had visited a specialist for this problem, and whether any especially helpful advice or treatments resulted from it. I'm a graduate student with limited finances and very little insurance coverage, so I'm hoping to have some idea whether there is any help to be found in these areas before actually shelling out the money for them. Presently I wet the bed maybe 3-5 times a month and have no problems during the day. Anyone who has any suggestions, or just is in a similar situation and would like to talk, feel free to e-mail Thanks!
Reply from Chantal, Age 20 - 5/19/03 - IP#:
Reply from Burnsie, Age 26 - 2/18/03 - IP#:
Reply from Tom, Age 60 - 2/8/03 - IP#:
Reply from adam, Age 25 - 2/7/03 - IP#:
Reply from Tom, Age 60 - 2/7/03 - IP#:

From Mort, Age 60 - 2/6/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
when i wear diapers and plastic pants and i have to go it leaks around the crouch area and onto my outside pants is there anything can i do to stop leaking ?
Reply from Ian, Age 45 - 7/2/03 - IP#:
Reply from Darren, Age 24 - 2/14/03 - IP#:
Reply from stan, Age 50+ - 2/7/03 - IP#:
Reply from stan, Age 50+ - 2/7/03 - IP#:

From Lucius, Age 64 - 2/3/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Greetings once again fellow bedwetters, It seems that some of you are confused. I didn't actually get a divorece, I just left the kids with my wife at her parents house, and just left for california 2 days after my bloody father in law threatened my with the shotgun. I just decided to go all the way to the other side of the world so I would never have to put up with my bloody abusive family again. Also a few peole have asked me how a met my bride, well if you must know, I was just checking out some of the sights in california, and I just happened to be in a strip club, and one of the strippers was taking a break. So she came and sat by me, and I started talking to her just to make a conversation because I was quite bored sitting by myself. We talked for a little while, and I found out she had the same problem as I did. We dated for a couple weeks, then we got married. And I must say, life is much better here in California. Sincerely, Lucius
Reply from stan, Age 50+ - 2/7/03 - IP#:

From Matt, Age 31 - 2/2/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Michigan dude (Oakland county area) looking to chat with others with wetting problems. e-mail me

From Lucius, Age 64 - 2/2/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
greetings once again fellow bedwetters, I am proud to announce that I have solved my bedwetting problem. Well, first i went to my wifes mum's house to try to make up, but i wet the bed there and the dad threatened to shoot me with his shotgun if i didn't leave immidiatly. So i left england for good. I moved to california, andi am proud to announce that i have married someone with the same problem, and i never have to worry about my bedwetting problem again. or having a family as bloody as to beat me every time i wet the bed, now i am a family that cares. sincerely, Lucius
Reply from Kanga, Age 54 - 2/3/03 - IP#:
Reply from stan, Age 50+Harty congrats and best wishes - 2/2/03 - IP#:

From Keith, Age 60 - 1/28/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I need to know what diapers are best for the money? and plastic pants?
Reply from LEnny, Age 55 - 1/30/03 - IP#:
Reply from Kanga, Age 54 - 1/30/03 - IP#:
Reply from Keith, Age 60 - 1/29/03 - IP#:
Reply from kanga, Age 54 - 1/29/03 - IP#:

From Kirt, Age 34 - 1/27/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hello, I have been dealing with incontinence off and on for over ten years and I have finally built up enough courage to start sharing what I am going through with others. I am looking for others in the Vancouver BC area, to chat with and maybe even meet someday, who aren't put off by a man wearing diapers. I am currently single and work full time (seasonal) as a mechanic. I like to spend my spare time as a volunteer, leading my outdoor youth group.
Reply from Kirt, Age 34 - 2/3/03 - IP#:
Reply from stan, Age 50+ - 2/2/03 - IP#:

From Wally , Age 28 - 1/27/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hi i have a promblem my boyfriend has been wetting the bed constantly and i really dont know what to do and i have to do somehting fast becasue soon i will be having the big operation since his moher wont let him marrie a man so i need to know what to do fast he refuses to wear diapers
Reply from bob, Age 32 - 2/1/03 - IP#:
Reply from jack, Age 21 - 1/28/03 - IP#:

From Jill, Age 20 - 1/27/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Does anyone know of any incontinence support groups in or around boston MA?
Reply from Kevin, Age 22 - 2/25/03 - IP#:
Reply from GAry, Age 37 - 2/20/03 - IP#:
Reply from thunder21, Age 20 - 2/11/03 - IP#:
Reply from Ed, Age 72 - 1/30/03 - IP#:

From Mort, Age 60 - 1/25/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Is their anyone who has had a prostate operation and now dribbles?
Reply from Nick, Age 54 - 4/23/03 - IP#:
Reply from Ed, Age 72 - 1/30/03 - IP#:

From Lucius, Age 64 - 1/25/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Greetings fellow bedwetters, I am an english chap from london. And It seems that I have quite the terrible bedwetting problem. It seems that every night even if i go to the bathroom right before I go to bed, I still wet the bed. I've done this all my life, and i'm been married for 43 years, and when I wet the bed my wife smacks me across the face, and it is quite painfull. 2 nights ago she finally got sick of it and made me go sleep in my kids bed. I wet the bed there too, and yesterday she took the kids and went to live with her Mum. I sure do home someone has some advice to help me with my problem so i might be able to get back with my wife, it is quite lonely without her and the kids around. good day fellow bedwetters, sincerely, lucius
Reply from kANGA, Age 54 - 1/25/03 - IP#:

From Becca Knight, Age 32 - 1/24/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hello everyone, I feel very embarassed about my problem. I wet my pants at least 4 times a week. To make things worse,my job prohibits me from being able to reach a bathroom frequently. One time I was talking to a client when I suddenly had to go. I was unable to get to the bathroom in time and needless to say I was very embarassed. I felt humiliated. Can any one recomend a good brand of long wear undergarments?
Reply from Matt, Age 35 - 2/27/04 - IP#:
Reply from solo, Age 22 - 7/10/03 - IP#:
Reply from Doug, Age 44 - 2/1/03 - IP#:
Reply from Kanga, Age 54 - 1/27/03 - IP#:
Reply from simon, Age 38 - 1/26/03 - IP#:
Reply from Helen, Age 28 - 1/26/03 - IP#:
Reply from TED, Age 29 - 1/24/03 - IP#:
Reply from Eric, Age 28 - 1/24/03 - IP#:

From Eric, Age 28 - 1/22/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I would like to talk with people and share about our problems. I want better understand why I wet and how to handle it better. E-mail me at
Reply from Eric, Age 29 - 4/28/03 - IP#:
Reply from danny, Age 51 - 2/4/03 - IP#:
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