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From Carmen, Age 19 - 6/8/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Iím 18 y/o girl and I live a normal life, but I have an annoying problem. When I get scared or really nervous, I wet myself. Pee just starts running down my legs and I canít stop it. Itís really embarrassing. It doesnít help even if I went to the bathroom minutes before that. I let out less pee, but I still wet myself. Does anyone have similar problem? I went to the doctor because of that, but he couldnít help me. He said, that is nothing wrong with me physically.
Reply from Mike, Age 18 - 12/4/03 - IP#:
Reply from MR D, Age 22 - 11/27/03 - IP#:
Reply from solo, Age 22 - 7/10/03 - IP#:
Reply from solo, Age 22 - 7/10/03 - IP#:
Reply from Catt, Age 35 - 7/4/03 - IP#:
Reply from Catt, Age 35 - 7/4/03 - IP#:
Reply from Jerry, Age 27 - 6/24/03 - IP#:
Reply from James, Age 20 - 6/13/03 - IP#:
Reply from zach, Age 22 - 6/11/03 - IP#:
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From gareth, Age 25 - 5/31/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hello All,Iím sure you are feed up of people sending posts say they would love to chat etc. So let me start by say sorry if you class this mail as an intrusion. My name is Gareth and I have recently moved to London UK, Having just split with my x a (non understandíer). Iím looking to share my life with somebody that understands my lifestyle problems (bedwetting/ sometime day wetting). If you would like to chat and maybe find out more about myself please feel free to drop me an email.Regards,Gareth
Reply from Steven, Age 20 - 6/11/03 - IP#:
Reply from Marvin, Age 40 - 6/2/03 - IP#:

From jennifer, Age 29 - 5/31/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
smokebynight@yahoo.comhi again im jenny .people did u no there is a alarm that u can use to alert u when u want to go pee pee .it saves most of the inbaresments...oh there r such things as bedwetting clinics..oh i dont wet myself my daughter does

From James, Age 20 - 5/25/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hi there,this is my first post.iv recently turned twenty and still wet the bed.i live in scotland and would like to chat/meet others who have to wear nappies aroung my age.please get in touch only way i can meet people freely without worrying about my nappy. if u would like my messenger/email addy just ask.
Reply from Karis, Age 34 - 6/25/03 - IP#:
Reply from Steven, Age 20 - 6/11/03 - IP#:
Reply from Steven, Age 20 - 6/10/03 - IP#:
Reply from James, Age 23 - 5/27/03 - IP#:
Reply from James, Age 23 - 5/27/03 - IP#:

From Matt, Age 25 - 5/23/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I seem to wet the bed whenever my girlfriend and I get into an argument. That's not too often, but it is to the point where I'll give in sometimes because we both know that if I don't we're just gonna fight more and I'll wind up wetting my pants. She only once suggested that if I "kept it up" she'd make me wear a diaper to bed during a fight. She felt a little bad about it, though I can't blame her as its an irrestible joke. Anyone else have this problem or any thoughts for the boyfriend who wets the bed whenever he tries to stand up to his girl in an argument?
Reply from chris, Age 25 - 9/10/03 - IP#:
Reply from vinson, Age 62 - 6/4/03 - IP#:
Reply from Mark, Age 30 - 5/26/03 - IP#:

From Mark, Age 30 - 5/20/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi guys. I am an occasional bedwetter. It happens a few times a year. It usually happens if I am dreaming about using the restroom. I do not wear protection to bed because it happens so infrequently. I keep a vinyl protector on my matress and just deal with my wet sheets and underwear on the mornings I wet. Sometimes I am able to catch myself in time to save the sheets, other times I am not. A lot of guys on here seem to have the infamous bath room dream. I once posted on a site similar to this and was told that it is not uncommon for a guy to occasionally wet the bed dreaming. I was told that guys that do this do not consider themselves bedwetters and they do not visit sites like this. I hope this encourages someone. Maybe this problem is not so bad. E mail
Reply from Vickie, Age 24 - 6/3/04 - IP#:
Reply from tony, Age 32 - 4/13/04 - IP#:

From Chantal, Age 20 - 5/19/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hello everyone, I have wet the bed all my life. When I went to doctors when I was younger all they would say is that I would out grow my problem. Unfortunetly, I have yet to overcome this obstacle. However, I have currently been taking DDAVP again for about the fifth time. This time the doctor raised my dosage. I also have a very loud and annoying sleep alarm that wakes me right up the minute any moisture touches the pad it is connected to. I have also been writing the specific times that I wake up in the middle of the night wet. After I approximated the times I was wetting the bed I set my alarm to correlate with the average of those times. Doctors have currently found nothing wrong with me other then the fact that I am a heavy sleeper. So, they suggested to make my sleep enviroment less comfortable then it is that way I may sleep a little lighter. For about two months now I have taken peoples suggestions and combined all their advice and used it to my advantage. I have recently gone from wetting the bed every night of the week to only wetting two times or less per week and still improving. I just want to let people know that they should NEVER GIVE UP and keep trying no matter how dark and depressing something is there is always a bright light on the other side.
Reply from To Jordon From Chantal, Age 20 - 8/17/03 - IP#:
Reply from Jordan, Age 20 - 7/18/03 - IP#:

From HelenR, Age 28 - 5/18/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi, I am a nurse during research and retraining to be a continence advisor. Iíd like as many women/girls as possible to help me by answering a survey about Female Bladder problems. I am not just interested in replies from people who believe they have a problem but from all women. The survey is totally anonymous and can be found at Any questions or additional feedback feel free to email me at: HelenRees@London.Com
Reply from chris, Age 30 - 3/17/03 - IP#:

From Adam, Age 25 - 5/17/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I'm 25 and wet my bed about once a week on average (sometimes more or less), and am looking to try an alarm system this summer to see if it will help. Have any other adults tried using alarms for this, and if so have you had any success with any particular brand?

From Rick, Age 40 - 5/16/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi. I have been an occasional bedwetter all my life. Through my teens and 20's & 30's I wet the bed once every couple of months. Recently I have been wetting the bed more often and it has really starting bothering me. When I wet the bed I usually am dreaming that I am peeing and wake up shortly after I start. Sometimes I don't wake up until I'm almost empty. I am in good physical condition, rarely drink alcohol and don't smoke. I hope these last couple of months aren't a glimpse of what is to come-more frequent wetting. I don't have any problems during the day, nor do I need to wear diapers at night. I use pads on the mattress cover like they have in nursing homes. They work very well and protect the mattress.
Reply from Rafael, Age 34 - 7/18/03 - IP#:

From Chris, Age 21 - 5/16/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi guys, I was not a bedwetter when I was younger, but I have noticed that over the past year or so, I have wet the bed occasionally. It isnt a lot, maybe once every month or so, but it is kinda annoying. Sometimes it is not even that much pee, but it still gets the bed wet. This month though I have already wet twice. I was wondering what your guys views on this are. I don't really want to ask, but do you think that diapers are needed. Please reply and let me know what you think. Chris
Reply from Ian, Age 45 - 7/2/03 - IP#:
Reply from Mark, Age 30 - 5/20/03 - IP#:

From steve, Age 29 - 5/14/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hi every one i have been lurking a few weeks now i am a 29 year old bedwetter this has just started in the lst 6 months i haven't wet the bed since i was in my mid teens my dr have refered me to a urologist so i just wondering what to expect for the first visit i am also having some day time leakage i also have L4-L5 bulging disks and the S1 right nerve root is impacted so i was wondering if this could cause this type of problem
Reply from Eric, Age 29 - 5/15/03 - IP#:

From terry, Age 23 - 5/10/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I wet the bed constantly alol nite and have done all my life I wear cloth nappies to bed Due to financial restraints I will be having to stay in a christian hostel for the homeless in a few days I will be in a dormitary with 5 other men Has anybody else had experience like this Will I get laughed at I am realy frightened
Reply from Ian, Age 45 - 7/2/03 - IP#:
Reply from scotty, Age 28 - 7/2/03 - IP#:
Reply from Terry, Age 23 - 6/1/03 - IP#:
Reply from Eric, Age 29 - 5/12/03 - IP#:
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