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From paz, Age 42 - 3/16/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hi all have been a bet weter all my life but did not tell anyono but just met gile at work who would like to sleep with me how do i tell here about me wetting the bed i will at to work with here again can any ono tell me what to do.thanx
Reply from Doug, Age 54 - 3/17/04 - IP#:
Reply from Jason, Age 32 - 3/16/04 - IP#:

From don, Age 38 - 3/10/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
hi, im 38 and still have accidents ever now and then at night only and would like to talk with someone with the same problem. I live alone of course to hide my problem and just feel i am alone all the time. anyone wanting to chat can e-mail me at
Reply from paz, Age 42 - 3/16/04 - IP#:
Reply from Doug, Age 54 - 3/11/04 - IP#:

From Jane, Age 22 - 3/6/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Recently I've had some really bad spills at home. It started when my diaper started leaking at the dinner table, it leaked all over the dining room chairs, and totally ruined the fabric. Then a few weeks ago, my cloth diaper leaked again this time on the sofa my mother bought recently... she was so disappointed. I wish I could do something about it. Are there any better diapers out there that dont cost too much? Or chair pads that protect the seats. Because just today i leaked in my parent's car, and they were just so mad. I really need some help before they throw me out of the house. Its really embarassing to me, to be wetting the sofa even though I have a diaper on. This has never happend to this degree to me before. My urine used to hold very well in diapers, but I dont understand what happend these past few months. Please Help, Thanks, Jane
Reply from jason, Age 29 - 4/26/04 - IP#:
Reply from chase, Age 32 - 3/30/04 - IP#:
Reply from joe, Age 33 - 3/28/04 - IP#:
Reply from Drypers, Age 37 - 3/26/04 - IP#:
Reply from Leroy, Age 47 - 3/16/04 - IP#:
Reply from SEAN, Age 23 - 3/15/04 - IP#:
Reply from Veronica, Age 14 - 3/9/04 - IP#:
Reply from to jason, Age 22 - 3/8/04 - IP#:
Reply from Jason, Age 32 - 3/7/04 - IP#:
Reply from jane, Age 22 - 3/7/04 - IP#:
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From Cindy, Age 37 - 2/28/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I am a mother of 2 and have been married for 21 years. I do occassionally wet the bed but it seems only the week before my period and sometimes within a week afterwards. Now not always does this happen but the fact that I used to wet the bed alot when I was younger at home, I fiqured that I was just being lazy about not getting up but the fact is that I usually dream of rushing to get to the toilet because my bladder is full and I get to the toilet or sometimes it is even in the woods not always on a toilet, but then I start relieving myself and right when I am almost done or done I wake up. To me this is embarrassing, does eliminating liquids for 3-4 hours before bed help this? Please let me know if there is any medicine out there because I feel that my nighttime wet problem happens not every month but some months it makes up for the months that I don't do anything. Thank you.
Reply from Drypers, Age 37 - 3/26/04 - IP#:
Reply from Art J., Age 52 - 3/5/04 - IP#:
Reply from lenny, Age xx - 2/29/04 - IP#:

From Lisa, Age 26 - 2/27/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi everyone my name is Lisa. Im not a bedwetter, but I have a mother that wet the bed till she was 13 and now because of her bladder falling has to wear a pad 24/7. The doctors wont do surgery yet because they say it is not bad enough. My sister had problems till she was about 13 and after she gave birth to my niece she has had some accidents and some problems. My niece had a few problems with wetting the bed just recently. That is how I found this site. I was looking for information for my niece. She is just 5 right now and I wanted information for her so she wouldnt feel bad about what was happening. Of course my mother and my sister understand and dont make a big deal out of it. Being that she is a little kid we all understand that she will have occassional accidents, but a few months back she went from almost dry every night to almost wet every night. Now she does not have that problem and I think alot of it for her was stress related issues.But the reason Im writing is because I see so many people here that are alone and I want them to know that there are people out there that do understand even if they dont have the same problem and I am one of those people. I may not know on a first hand basis what it feels like to have these problems but I know what my mom and my sister have gone thru and are still going thru. I just wanted to let ya'll know that there are people out there that do care. If anyone out there just wants someone to talk to, someone that will understand, or just a friend to chat with please feel free to email me at
Reply from chase, Age 32 - 3/31/04 - IP#:
Reply from BaByPhAtFrOm609, Age 17 - 3/5/04 - IP#:
Reply from CHASE, Age 32 - 3/4/04 - IP#:
Reply from chase, Age 31 - 3/4/04 - IP#:
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From Phil, Age 21 - 2/15/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hi, i'm 21 and looking for some advice. Every time i go out for a drink and get get quite drunk i wake up in the morning in a wet bed. Does anyone know how i can stop this happenning??Please e-mail me at gizmophil@hotmail.comThanks
Reply from Matt, Age 30 - 3/21/04 - IP#:
Reply from Bobby, Age 48 - 3/14/04 - IP#:
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Reply from Doug, Age 54 - 2/16/04 - IP#:
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