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From Kelly, Age 21 - 12/10/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I found out today that medicaid will pay for my diapers with authorization from my doctor, so I called my doctor and they are going to get authorization from him and call in a script for some diapers. I am glad because they were getting expensive and i dont have the money to buy them.
Reply from clint, Age 21 - 3/22/04 - IP#:
Reply from Leroy, Age 47 - 3/16/04 - IP#:
Reply from christopher, Age 26 - 1/29/04 - IP#:
Reply from chase, Age 31 - 1/16/04 - IP#:
Reply from Christie, Age 30 - 12/29/03 - IP#:
Reply from Ted, Age 30 - 12/16/03 - IP#:
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From Jose, Age 23 - 12/7/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
My name is Jose. I am 23 years of age, and I have been in the U.S Marine Corps for four and a half years. I have been married to my wonderfull wife by the name of Jessica who is now 22.My mos in the Marine Core is with a recon unit, so once 9-11-01 happened I was emidiatly shiped over seas.I just got back home two months ago. Once I came back home, my wife did not want me to sleep with her. Even during the day she did not even like me putting my hands aroud her. At first I thought that she was mad at me for not being home for so long, then I started to think that she was seeing someone else, and that thought mad my mad. So the next day when she got up and left to go to work, I went through the entire hose thinking I was going to find A nuber that belonged to some other guy. About fifteen minutes after I started looking I found Adult Diapers in the bottom of her drwar. After that I became woried about her and I did not know what to do! Down to this very moment I still have not told my wife what I found becuase I dont want to embaress her.Also the thing is we have a very good relationship andd she knows that she can trust me, that is why I don't know why she is trying so hard to hide this from me. I was also thinking that this my be onle a temperary thing, I don't know? So if anyone has any thought or seggestions please let me know. I want to help my wife and give her my full suport the best way I can because that is what she has been doing for me the last three and a half years for me.THANK YOU!
Reply from gj, Age 35 - 5/18/04 - IP#:
Reply from Brian, Age 66 - 1/3/04 - IP#:
Reply from Carl, Age 25 - 12/30/03 - IP#:
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From Brandon, Age 22 - 12/4/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I had to Start wearing diapers about years ago. The problem that I have is Diaper rash. I am to embaressed to go to a doctor. I do have people that I could ask and the could give my an answer, but I dont want anyone wondering why I am asking. So I gess my main question is, are there any diapers that I coud get that are better with dealing with diaper rash, or any type of medicine that is recamended? I am open to anything. Thank you for taking my essue into concederation.
Reply from Leroy, Age 47 - 3/16/04 - IP#:
Reply from Andy, Age 35 - 1/1/04 - IP#:
Reply from Eric , Age 47 - 12/31/03 - IP#:
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From Kevin, Age 52 - 12/2/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I'm Kevin and I live in the the Wilmington, DE area. and I've been wearing diapers almost all my life for accident protection. Around home I wear birdsye or gauze diapers and plastic pants because they truly are the most comfortable system, and you can layer them up as necessary for absorption. I never have leaks while in my cloth diapers. I really don't care for disposables except for extended times away from home such as on trips and vacations. It seems that all of the adult briefs that are currently on the market are not absorbant enough and hard to put on...and who ever heard of diaper with 4 or 6 tape tabs?...and why do they need the stupid looking wetness indicators? A good baby-style diaper (super absorbant, leak guards, one wide single re-fastenable tab per side, no wetness indicator) is very much needed by many older kids and adults and I really can't understand why the makers of Huggies and Drypers don't make them in more sizes to fit everyone.Like most here, I'm healthy and active...and single at the moment too. It would be great to find a partner also in diapers who has similar interests.
Reply from Leroy, Age 47 - 3/16/04 - IP#:
Reply from jerry, Age 60 - 1/8/04 - IP#:
Reply from Bill, Age 60 - 12/17/03 - IP#:
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From Peter, Age 23 - 12/2/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
do you think i should wear good nite that fit jeans? I wore goodnite diaper last spring i wore pair of tight jean that i had goodnite diaper on it. i wore a diaper showing above my jeans. i feel comfortable wear goodnite diaper cuz more protect my wet pant. what i should do if i met a girl? can you help to solve this plm?
Reply from jose, Age 30 - 4/28/04 - IP#:

From Kelly, Age 21 - 11/30/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I have a problem with bedwetting....I just started having a problem in April, and that's when I moved out of my parents house. Anyways, I had been dry for a few nights and went away for Thanksgiving to my sister's house. I don't like to wear diapers when away due to embarrassment so I wore one the first night and was dry. As a conseqence, I didn't wear one the second night and wet. I was so embarrassed. Does anyone find they have a harder time staying dry when they are under stress or changes or happening in their lives or are away from home? I do. Also, does anyone have any tips to help me stay dry for longer intravels than a night or two? I have tried the no drinking past a certian time, no caffine, etc. any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Reply from allison, Age 16 - 12/29/03 - IP#:
Reply from Bill, Age 60 - 12/12/03 - IP#:
Reply from Ted , Age 30 - 12/8/03 - IP#:
Reply from Kelly , Age 21 - 12/6/03 - IP#:
Reply from chase, Age 31 - 12/5/03 - IP#:
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From DAVE, Age 27 - 11/27/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I live in Indiana and as you might guess have a wetting problem this is my first post here and Iam looking for friends to E-Mail The real hard thing is trying to get a relationship with a female. so anyone my age who understands my situation PLEASE mail me at CZAP98@YAHOO tHANKS

From JEFF, Age 46 - 11/28/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Well i am pleased to say in the last three months i have stopped wetting my pants.since meeting a wonderful girl and got married 5 weeks ago it seems being a single male made me lazy and i just wet myself alot i think being on my own had alot to do with this good luck to everyone visiting wetbusters.
Reply from sophia, Age 25 - 1/18/04 - IP#:

From Michael, Age 49 - 11/25/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
My name is Michael. I live in Cork, Ireland. I am glad to say that I am now only a very occasional bedwetter.It is great that there are now so many products to keep you dry at night. I find these very useful if staying in a hotel as there is no reason now why a bed should be wet with modern pull up nappies and plastic pants. When I was going to school - it was a boarding school with about 200 pupils - I, together with about 6 others, wet the bed constantly. The only protection we had was a red rubber sheet which went under the ordinary sheet. It was uncomfortable as it was very warm in summer and it tended to bunch up. It was not very effective as if it moved about it could leave the mattress unprotected. It that happened it was not unusual to see a pool of wee on the tiled floor under the middle of a bed in the morning. This was more likely to be seen under the bed of a fellow who only occasionally weed in bed and was not issued with a rubber sheet. laundry was collected once a week and my sheets often had multiple wee stains on them by the end of a week.On leaving school I lived at home and attended College. I still wet the bed constantly but for some unknown reason I virtually stopped when i was 28. I had at that stage met a girl I wanted to marry and explained my problem. She was understanding and said that her sister who was 34 had the same problem and that her mother was also an occasional bedwetter. My father certainly wet the bed especially if he had been drinking beer. But this only happened about three times a year as far as I know. It might have been more often but I did not know about it.At home I have a plastic cover on the mattress and usually do not wear a nappy or plastic pants as I only wet occasionally. Going away to a hotel or the house of a friend I always take a plastic sheet to cover the mattress and also plastic pants. Sometimes I just put a cotton towel inside the plastics - it can be very absorbent. Other times I wear disposable nappies which I buy in a chemist shop.Life can be lived to the full even if you are a bedwetter. It just needs some planning and understanding partner friends and family. I find it best to let those who need to know about my bedwetting.

From jane, Age 20 - 11/24/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Hii'm new to this site, but i've been having some problems. I just got to my university in chicago. I have problems with wetting the bed and i sometimes where diapers in the daytime. I share a room with 2 other people i dont know. I feel embarassed a lot of times. The diapers I buy aren't very absorbent and they sometimes leak out while im walking around. Are there any brands that are really absorbent. I really hate when people stare at me. My pants get wet a lot. I have one big problem. I can't wear normal adult diapers because of dwarfism which limits my height to only 3'4''. So my waist is only 24 inches. That means Im stuck with children's diapers which don't absorb very much and almost always leak, then a bunch of people stare at me because i look weird and cuz my pants are wet! I really need help. At home my mother would change my diapers, but now i don't have anyone. And I'm scared to ask my roomates to do so because they would probably not understand my problem. Its very challenging for me to do it, because my arms are so short and i can't really reach my buttock area. But I do want to be independent sooner or later.Jane
Reply from jane, Age 20 - 12/6/03 - IP#:
Reply from chase, Age 31 - 12/5/03 - IP#:
Reply from Gary, Age 28 - 12/1/03 - IP#:
Reply from jane, Age 20 - 11/28/03 - IP#:
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From Alex, Age 22 - 11/24/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
I am 22 yars old and I remeber that I would always turn down offers to parties and sleep overs. I not only we the bed, but if i sit down for more than 30 miniutes at a time, I tend to pee my pants. I remeber once that I went to one party, when I wasabout 14 yeas old, I had 14 12 oz cans of soda, thinking that if i never sat down that I could hold it. Then one of the other people theretold a really funny joke and I laughed so hard it all came out. and i stood there with 168 oz of pee coming outof my system. The worst part is I started to notice when i heard it hit the floor. Soft White carpeting stained by a 14 year old girl. I was extreamly embarassed.
Reply from louis, Age 29 - 11/25/03 - IP#:

From Alex, Age 63 - 11/21/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Ia m alex and i have been wetting the bed all my life but recently ihave been noticing great improvments so this goes to show that we can change for the better at any time of our life.
Reply from adam, Age 26 - 11/23/03 - IP#:

From David Grijalva, Age 36 - 11/19/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply
Good sight. Ive been wetting my bed for the last 20 years.. Ive been to the Dr.s... And Ive taken the meds. I'm too affriad to bring women home, and I'
Reply from Leroy, Age 47 - 12/14/03 - IP#:
Reply from Lenny, Age 56 - 11/20/03 - IP#:
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